Why Tempt Fate?

Today on the site, Greg Hunter reviews Box Brown's new biography, Andre the Giant: Life and Legend. Here's a sample:

Brown has done a fine job of aggregating anecdotes about his subject; this is a telling of the Andre the Giant story that requires little prior knowledge of the person or his profession. He also mediates his many sources through a controlled, consistent aesthetic. Brown works with a thick, black line; minimal hatching; and a manner of depicting characters, even the massive ones, as sets of soft contours. One of the book’s successes is Brown’s design for Andre himself—the wrestler looks at once like a flesh-and-blood human and like an icon. Brown examines Andre’s interiority less well.


Rob Clough takes on Lance Ward's (Lance Ward is an) A-hole. Whit Taylor reviews Seo Kim's Cat Person.

—Interviews & Profiles.
Chris Mautner talks to Fantagraphics' latest announced artist, Ed Luce. Box Brown and his book are profiled in traditional Times-style comix-ain't-just-about-capes fashion by George Gene Gustines. Tom Spurgeon talks to Box Brown. Terry Gross talks to Roz Chast.

NCS president Tom Richmond responds to the New York Post's decision to drop its comics page via an open letter. Sean Kleefeld also has thoughts on the move.

Paul Gravett explains who invented the graphic novel.

—News. The Doug Wright Award winners were announced at TCAF, with Michel Rabagliati, Steven Gilbert, and Emily Carroll receiving honors.

A potential compromise in the Fun Home/South Carolina college-funding controversy has been suggested. Writers including Junot Diaz, Richard Ford, Dennis Lehane, and Emma Donoghue have joined a campaign against the funding-cutting legislators.

Photographer Seth Kushner needs help finding a marrow donor.

Bushmiller collectors: Fantagraphics needs your help finding some Nancy clippings.