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Today on Greg Hunter's Comic Book Decalogue our host talks to Dean Haspiel about "the dual impacts of Jack Kirby and Prince, as well as his new serial, The Red Hook."



Hard to compete with Brexit. Here are some light amusements for your Monday... Love and Rockets is returning to comic book form in a new series to be released a few times a year.

Jessica Campbell remains very funny.

I ran across this Charles Rodrigues gag on Heritage and it just cracks me up. Simple, classic non-sequitour joke.  It doesn't need this level of skillful inky drawing -- the oddball darkness that was this cartoonist's trade. I love the depth of space, the care put into the references, and the sack-like shapes of the janitors. Just great. Published in Cracked, apparently, mid-1970s. Fantagraphics has published a couple of Rodrigues collections. 
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