The Shallow End

Today in Riff Raff, Frank Santoro explains what will happen when you try to sell your comic book collection.

Louie was astonished. He showed us old X-Men comics that had $15 price tags on them. Comics that had $20 price tags on them. Lots of them. Spahr looked up one of the comics on eBay. X-Men #137. The death of Phoenix. The last copy, in a similar condition, went for $2. Shipping was more expensive than the book itself.

Then Rob Kirby reviews Julie Delporte's Journal:

Over the span of roughly a year (Feb 2011 to Oct 2012), Delporte chronicled the emotionally chaotic, physically taxing aftermath of a breakup, examining and illustrating her emotions, flights of fancy, memories, and ups and downs in quick but minute detail. With her poetic visual acumen, Delporte takes you places you may have been before, but makes them all a lot prettier. Unlike the effectively stark black and white panels of fellow Koyama Press author Jane Mai, who delineates her bouts with anxiety and depression in Sunday in the Park with Boys, Delporte’s pages are gorgeously rendered in soft, radiantly colored pencils that belie the quiet grief at their core.


—Ng Suat Tong writes about Randall Munroe's "Time".

—I missed this Chris Ware live webchat with Guardian readers.

—I also missed this short update/profile of Syrian cartoonist Ali Ferzat, now living in exile in Kuwait.

—Laura Sneddon writes for The New Statesman about the political dimension of recent comics, talking to Joe Sacco, Stephen Collins, Paul Cornell, and Grant Morrison. And then she talks to Morrison again for The Guardian, but this time focuses primarily on his upcoming Wonder Woman.

—Those who like web fights might want to check out Heidi MacDonald's post on the gory variant covers of certain Avatar comic books.

And now I'm off for a week's vacation, leaving you in Dan's ever-steady, responsible hands.