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The Comics Journal No. 64, July 1981

Featuring a forum on comics writing with Gil Kane and Denny O’Neil; illustrations by Gil Kane, Wade Hampton, and Ken Macklin.

Blood and Thunder Special (p. 25)

Newswatch (p. 6)

Moderated by Gary Groth, Gil Kane and Denny O’Neil on Comics Writing (p. 60)

Carter Scholz, “Raw Roots” (p. 34)
Dale Luciano, “Pataphysical Spirit and Graphic Possibilities” (p. 36)
Gene Phillips, “The Good and the Bad of Shang-Chi” (p. 43)
R. Fiore, “Good Junk” (p. 46)
Dale Luciano, “Trasho Bizarro” (p. 48)
Fred Patten, “Biased Encyclopedia from Horn” (p. 50)

Capsule Reviews: R. Fiore, “Delightful Exhuberance” (p. 52), Kim Thompson, “Heroes for a Day” (p. 52), Dale Luciano, “Great Fun” (p. 53), Bill Sherman “Reckonings” (p. 53), Dale Luciano, “Stylish and Silly” (p. 54), Bill Sherman, “Your Fifteen Minutes Are Up” (p. 54), Kim Thompson, “Blood Banks” (p. 54), Dale Luciano, “Yikes!” (p. 55), Dale Luciano, “Inventive and Off-The-Cuff” (p. 57)

Bill Sherman, Underground Comix: “Lust Among the Ruins” (p. 82)
Dale Luciano, Cinema Journal: “Horror Movies” (p. 87)
Jim Korkis, Suspended Animation: “American Pop Tart” (p. 103)
Dwight Decker, Fandom Review: “Some Opinionated Bastards” (p. 107)

Coming Comics: June (p. 110)

Wade Hampton, “The Spirit” (p. 115)
Gil Kane, Cover
Ken Macklin, Back Cover