TCJ Archive

The Comics Journal No. 65, August 1981

Featuring interviews with Art Speigelman and Francoise Mouly; Carter Scholz and Gary Groth on Eclipse Magazine; Dwight Decker on Buck Rogers; illustrations by Hilary Barta and Howard Purcell.

Blood and Thunder (p. 37)
Harlan Ellison vs. Mr. X (p. 54)

Newswatch (p. 13)

David Stallman and Gary Kwapisz (illustration), Light Bulb Jokes (p. 10)

Joey Cavalieri, “Jewish Mice, Bubblegum Cards, Comics Art, and Raw Possibilities” Interview with Art Speigelman and Francoise Mouly (p. 98)

Mike Barrier, “Superman II Hits the Right Note” (p. 34)
Dwight R. Decker, “Graphic Story Reviews” (p. 64)
Carter Sholz, “Eclipse Magazine” (p. 66)
Gary Groth, “Eclipse Magazine” (p. 68)
Dale Luciano, “Superman: Victory by Computer” (p. 72)
R. Fiore, “Madame Xanadu” (p. 76)
David Stallman, “Doctor Strange” (p. 79)
Dale Luciano, “Time Warp & Mystery in Space” (p. 84)
Dwight R. Decker, “Buck Rogers” (p. 91)
Dale Luciano, “Deadspawn #3” (p. 92)
Capsule Reviews:
Dale Luciano, “Wood Spoofs Strips” (p. 94), “Tentacles and Tornados” (p. 95), “Modest Funny-Animals” (p. 96), “Far Away from Madness” (p. 97)
Kim Thompson, “Senseless Holocaust” (p. 96)

Dwight R. Decker and Don Rosa (illustration), Opening Shots: “Duck Kapital by Karl Barx” (p. 6)
Dale Luciano, Cinema Journal: “Dark, Demoralized Vision of the Future” (p. 126) “Nostalgic But Lackluster Revival” (p. 128)
Mike Valerio, Prime-Time Super-Heroes: “Cannell Hits the Bottom of the Well” (p. 132)
Dwight R. Decker and illustrated by Don Rosa and Eddie Eddings, Doc’s Bookshelf: “Superman: The Novels” (p. 138)

Hilary Barta, “Sycophantic Gremlins” (p. 39)
Howard Purcell, Inside Back Cover