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The Comics Journal No. 63, Spring 1981

Featuring interviews with Wendy and Richard Pini, Dennis Kitchen, and Steve Englehart; an essay by Will Eisner; illustration by Stu Potts.

Blood and Thunder (p. 33)

Newswatch (p. 10)

Dwight Decker, “From Poughkeepsie to Elfland: An Interview with Wendy and Richard Pini” (p. 127)
Bill Sherman, “From the Heartland of America: An Interview with Krupp Comic’s Denis Kitchen” (p. 212)
Ralph Macchio, “Steve Englehart in Transition” (p. 264)

David Stallman, “An Inquiry into Violence” (p. 85)
Dwight R. Decker, “Mess of the Abbevilles” (p. 91)
Dale Luciano, “Queen of the Honkytonk” (p. 93)
Dale Luciano, “Unpalatable Trash” (p. 96)
Carter Sholz, “Specious Spy Stuff” (p. 96)
Rick Marschall, “The Concentrated Visions of Lyonel Feininger” (p. 98)
Dwight Decker, “Hembeck, Our Hilarious Leader” (p. 102)
Dale Luciano, “The Urbane Jungle Savage” (p. 103)
David Stallman, “Why Your Phone Makes Funny Noises” (p. 104)
Carter Sholz, “Writing on His Hind Legs” (p. 107)
Richard Morrissey, “It Still Works” (p. 108)
R.C. Harvey, “DC Tries Again for the Best” (p. 112)
Ed Via, “Originality and Transcedency in the Writing of Doug Moench” (p. 112)
Dale Luciano, “Visually Attractive Space Opera” (p. 116)
R.C. Harvey, “Deft Storytelling from Fleisher” (p. 118)
Capsule Reviews: “Dazzler,” “Adventure Comics,” “FOO,” “Moon Knight,” Le Grand Fosse,” “Francis,”  “Brother of the Universe,” “Spider-Man,” “Howard the Duck,” “Creepy,” “Agent Gedon,” “Three Green Soup” (p. 119)

Dale Luciano, “An Unapologetic and Eulogistic Critical Survey of Gerber’s Howard the Duck” (p. 153)
Will Eisner, “The Alternative Comic Book Press” (p. 228)
Dennis O’Neil, “Profile: Garry Trudeau” (p. 252)
Peter Hammer, “Comics: Something That’s Not Rotten in Denmark” (p. 256)
Richard Morrissey and Rudi Franke (illustration) “Kid Stuff” (p. 258)

Mark Mayerson, Opening Shots: “Animation: The Rocky Road for Fans and Pros” (p. 8)
Greg Potter, Panel Progressions: “Hal Foster the Classicist” (p. 285)
Greg Potter, Panel Progressions: “Alex Raymond the Romantic” (p. 289)
Bill Sherman, Underground Comix: “Whole Hog” (p. 296)
R.C. Harvey, Reticulated Rainbow: “Sphericasia the Beautiful” (p. 299)
Dwight Decker, Doc’s Bookshelf: “Woody Woodpecker’s Finest Hour” (p. 306)
Dwight Decker, Doc’s Bookshelf: “Number of the Beast: Endless Repartee” (p. 310)
Dwight Decker, Doc’s Bookshelf: “Smirking at Romance” (p. 311)
Rick Marschall, Polychromatic Effulgence: “Life Under Gibson--and Beyond” (p. 312)
Dale Luciano, Cinema Journal: “Robert Altman’s Hyperkinetic Comic Strip-Musical-Movie” (p. 321)
Dale Luciano, Cinema Journal: “Opulent, Orgiastic Camp vs. Pop Mythology” (p. 325)
Carter Sholz, The Lake Isle: “Dreams into Nightmares” (p. 327)

Pott Shotts (p. 52, 57, 67)

Comics Checklist: March & April (p. 331)