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The Comics Journal No. 44, January 1979

Featuring an interview with Marv Wolfman; an essay by Marilyn Bethke; Jim Korkis on animation.

Blood and Thunder (p. 19)
Best and Worst of the Comics Journal (p. 8)

Newswatch (p. 10)

Kim Thompson, An Interview with Marv Wolfman (p. 34)

Cat Yronwode, “Sidekicks and Sun-Gods” (p. 23)
Cat Yronwode, “The Silver Surfer Soars Again” (p. 26)
Jim Dawson, “The Illustrated Zelazney: Over-Priced and Over-Preissed” (p. 27)
Ed Via, “Night of Fury” (p. 28)
Gary Groth, “Sabre’s a Dull Blade” (p. 30)

Marilyn Bethke, “The Fanny Awards” (p. 66)

Bill Sherman, Undergound Comix: “Only Lines on Paper...” (p. 52)
Jim Korkis, Suspended Animation: “The Best & Worst Animation or Why Does Clutch Cargo’s Mouth Look Funny?” (p. 56)
Dwight Decker, Doc’s Bookshelf: “The Best and Worst Comic Books” (p. 59)
Jeffrey H. Wasserman, Jach Spake: “Funny Papers on Strike” (p. 64)