TCJ Archive

The Comics Journal No. 45, March 1979

Featuring an interview with Joe Staton; reviews of Doonesbury, Batman, and the Superman movie; an essay on German comics.

Gary Groth and Kim Thompson, “Movin’ Up and Movin’ Out” (p. 7)

Blood and Thunder (p. 22)

Newswatch (p. 10)

Marilyn Bethke, “From E-Man to Batman: Joe Staton Interview” (p. 37)

Marilyn Bethke, “And Beneath All This Glitter and Tinsel...More Glitter and Tinsel” (p. 30)
Marilyn Bethke, “On the Matter of Comic Books...” (p. 31)
Bob Toomey, “Vanishing Point” (p.  32)
Jim Dawson, “Hack, Hack, Hack” (p. 33)
Marilyn Bethke, “The Death of Batman! No, Really! Honest! We’re Not Kidding This Time!” (p. 35)
Jeffrey H. Wasserman, “Doonesbury: Top O’ The Charts” (p. 36)
Dwight R. Decker, “Superman, The Movie Review” (p. 46)

Paul Thiel, Dwight R. Decker (translator), “Comics in the German Democratic Republic” (p. 55)

Jim Korkis, “Suspended Animation: Of Orcs and Rabbits” (p. 58)
Bill Mantlo, “Alternating Currents: From Slavery to Freedom” (p. 60)

Don Rosa and Patty Payne, “Tagdenah” (p. 63)