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The Comics Journal No. 43, December 1978

Featuring an interview with Neal Adams; reviews of Star-Lord and Popeye; essays by Dwight Decker, Don Rosa, Scott Edelman, and Marilyn Bethke.

Blood and Thunder (p. 17)

Word Balloons (p. 6)
Newswatch (p. 11)

Gary Groth, Neal Adams Interview (p. 38)

Lyle Chesney, “Mantlo Plays the Right Card” (p. 28)
Jim Dawson, “Star-Bored” (p. 30)
Frank Watson, “The Delightful Antics of Popeye, Olive Oyl, and Brutus” (p. 33)
Jim Dawson, “The Final Escape” (p. 34)

Dwight Decker and Don Rosa, “A Writing Man of Mars” (p. 56)
Scott Edelman, “Bullpen Bull” (p. 62)
Marilyn Bethke, “Good Horse Art” (p. 74)

Jim Korkis, Suspended Animation: “Lord of the Rings: The Bakshi Version” (p. 67)
Bill Sherman, Undergound Comix: “Codwell’s Mean Street Comix” (p. 70)
Bill Mantlo, Alternating Currents: “South African Comics” (p. 75)
Randall Garrett, SF Anthology: “The World of E.E. “Doc” Smith” (p. 80)