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The Comics Journal No. 300, November 2009

Featuring interviews with Art Spiegelman and Kevin Huizenga, Jean-Christophe Menu and Sammy Harkham, Frank Quitely and Dave Gibbons, and more.

Blood & Thunder (p. 8)

Journal Datebook (p. 10)

Art Spiegelman & Kevin Huizenga (p. 24)
Jean-Christophe Menu & Sammy Harkham (p. 56)
Frank Quitely & Dave Gibbons (p. 68)
David Mazzucchelli & Dash Shaw (p. 88)
Alison Bechdel & Danica Novgorodoff (p. 118)
Howard Chaykin & Ho Che Anderson (p. 124)
Denny O’Neil & Matt Fraction (p. 144)
Jaime Hernandez & Zak Sally (p. 168)
Ted Rall & Matt Bors (p. 180)
Jim Borgman & Keith Knight (p. 200)
Stan Sakai & Chris Schweizer (p. 220)

“Acme Novelty Library #19” (p. 236)
“Asterios Polyp” (p. 240)

Rich Kreiner, “Meet the Comics Press” (p. 246)
R. Fiore, “Funnybook Roulette”
Matthias Wivel, Continental Drift
R.C. Harvey, Comicopia
Bill Randall,  Lost in Translation
Tom Crippen, Post-Human Review
Coming Comics (p. 285)

Noah Van Sciver, A Cartoon Interview With Gary Groth (p. 19)