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The Comics Journal No. 299, August 2009

Featuring an interview with Josh Cotter; a review of Kramers Ergot 7; Bob Levin on “How Michel Choquette (Almost) Assembled the Most Stupendous Comic Book In the World.”

Eric Millikin and staff, Journal Datebook (p. 18)

Sean T. Collins, “The Josh Cotter Interview” (p. 82)


“Kramers Ergot 7” (p. 100)
“American Flagg!” Vol. 1 (p. 103)
“Diana Prince: Wonder Woman Vols. 1-4” (p. 106)
Kent Worcester, “Jackie Ormes” (p. 110)
Noah Berlatsky, “A People’s History of American Empire” (p. 112)
Ng Suat Tong, “The Times of Botchan” (p. 115)
Tom Hart, “Master of Reality: 33 ⅓”, “Apollo’s Song”, “Caricature” (p. 122)
Mini-reviews of “Mammoth Book of Best New Manga”, “Manhwa 100”, “Sayonara”, “Zetsubou-sensei”, “Nemi Vol. 2”, “I Saw You”, “Stray Toasters and Prince Valiant: Far from Camelot” (p. 128)


Bob Levin, “How Michel Choquette (Almost)  Assembled the Most Stupendous Comic Book In the World” (p. 30)
Mark Newgarden, “Myron Waldman and Eve” (p. 134)
Noah Berlatsky, “Gender and Comics in Chicago” (p. 175)
Kevin Greenlee, “Circling Autism” (p. 178)


R.C. Harvey, Comicopia: “The Banana Republic in the Mirror” (p. 182)
Matthias Wivel, Continental Drift: “Hicksville 2009” (p. 187)
Donald Phelps, The Observer: “Cosmic Vagrant: The Prophetic Romances of M.P. Shiel” (p. 196)
Kenneth Smith, Human Natures: “World, Soul, Psychetypes, Psychoecology-A New Logic of the Psyche” (p. 198)
Coming Comics (p. 205)

Noah Van Sciver, “A Cartoon Interview with John Porcellino” (p. 14)
Myron Waldman’s Eve