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The Comics Journal No. 301, 2011

A focus on R. Crumb’s comics adaptation of Genesis; there’s an extensive interview with the artist and a critical roundtable. Plus: A conversation between humorists Al Jaffee and Michael Kupperman; an interview with Joe Sacco about Footnotes in Gaza; Jim Woodring, Tim Hensley, and Stephen Dixon sketchbooks; a Gerald McBoingBoing color comic reprint; a biographical essay on John T. McCutcheon; and more.

Robert Crumb
Interview by Gary Groth (17)

Roundtable: The Book of Genesis Illustrated
Rick Marschall, Donald Phelps, Robert Stanley Martin, Jeet Heer, Tim Hodler, Alexander Theroux, Kenneth R. Smith (71)

Sketchbook: Jim Woodring (193)

Al Jaffee & Michael Kupperman in Conversation
Moderated by Gary Groth (217)

Warren Bernard, “John T McCutcherson: A Cartoonist and His Dog” (280)

Sketchbook: Tim Hensley (315)

Tim Krieder, “Irredeemable: Dave Sim’s Cerebus” (337)

Joe Sacco on Footnotes in Gaza
Interview by Gary Groth (376)

Sketchbook: Stephen Dixon (427)

Reviews (449)
Kent Worcester, Footnotes in Gaza
Ryan Holmberg, Black Blizzard
Robert Stanley Martin, Alec: The Years Have Pants

Marc Sobel, “The Decade in Comics” (478)

Affectionate, Sympathetic and Completely Racist (500)
R. Fiore

Cartoonists Leading Cartoonists (512)
Rob Clough

Gus Arriola and the Comic Strip that Never Was—Until Now (528)
R.C. Harvey

Maggots and Time (536)
Chris Lanier

Gerald McBoing Boing (544)
Introduction by Gene Deitch

Three Questions Answered About Robert Crumb (613)
Tom Crippen