A Cartoonist’s Diary

Shannon Wheeler: Day Four — Leaving New York

There’s no denying that I’m an idiot. I went to the MTV offices to hang out with a friend. I thought I had hours to kill, enough time to go with him to Jersey for some barbecue. My girlfriend’s text told me that I actually only had an hour, in which I was needed to take a three-hour bus ride to the airport. MTV saved my ass by putting me in their car and sending me on my way. Thank you, Beavis and Butthead.

That tunnel should be called a funnel. Thirty lanes of traffic squeezed into a tiny two lane tube. At least there was plenty of time to doodle in my book.

From a slaughter-line of cars to a slaughter-line of people. Airports suck.

I’d prepared myself for an eighteen-hour flight to Europe. Somehow, New York to Portugal is only six hours. Watching the last or next to last or near the last Harry Potter film when I hadn’t seen the previous movies was surreal. It looked like a lot of video game interstitials strung together. It was pretty.

Shannon Wheeler is the Eisner Award-winning creator of Too Much Coffee Man, and contributes cartoons to The New Yorker. His latest book, Oil and Water, is in stores now. He is currently at work on the Bible.