Running Late

Joe McCulloch is here as usual this Tuesday morning, with his customary browser's guide to the week in new comics.

Paul Buhle is also here, with a review of Corrine Maier and Anne Simon's Marx: An Illustrated Biography, as well as a consideration of how Marx has been dealt with in comics previously.

Meanwhile, elsewhere:

—Interviews & Profiles. At The Guardian, Michelle Dean profiles Smut Peddler editor Spike Trotman.

Seth explains his new New Yorker cover.

Forge magazine visits Michael DeForge:

—Commentary. Marguerite Dabaie writes about the censorship struggle facing the Samandal anthology.

Finally, I thought I was just going to meet Chris Mautner, Joe McCulloch, and Tucker Stone for breakfast, but they ambushed me into appearing on the most recent episode of their Comics Books Are Burning in Hell podcast.