Restricted Travel

It's Friday, but no Tucker today. He'll be back next week. Instead we have a special treat: Patrick Hambrecht and Dame Darcy on Heather Benjamin's Sad Sex. Be warned: the images within the review are very NSFW.


Jeff Trexler weighs in on the latest Superman ruling. More on that here.

Rising young comics fest CAKE announced Michael Deforge as a special guest.

Tove Jansson's Hobbit illustrations. (via)

Arthur is inspected.

Here's a useful guide (part 1) to some releases to look for in 2013.

Sequential hand gestures over here with Bruno Munari. Not really comics, but certainly in the ballpark.

Not comics except by proxy: The great Gene Wolfe is reissuing 19 of his out-of-print novels as e-books.

Not comics but of interest to me, so why not: A review of Bob Dylan's new art show that references the "Richard Prince did it" theory. Prince is a current fascination of mine, especially as a collector and user of artworks. He is able to recognize (or imbue) the uncanny in objects. Whether that's real or imagined is sorta beside the point. Also, I've grown to enjoy his gag cartoons on canvas, not to mention the joke paintings. And there's also his collecting and use of works by artists like Richard Powers and Bill Ward. Finally, Prince might be making the best artist's books around these days. Each is a lesson in concept, image selection and sequencing. It's all working in a jacked economy, of course, but even that luxury element doesn't bother me since it's so self-evidently part of the work/game. What's The Wire quote? "All in the game"?