Remember What I Said Last Night?

Today on the site:

Well, Frank went to see Kevin Huizenga, and guess what they taaaaalked about?

I drove to Kevin Huizenga’s house because I was going stir crazy in my own house. The fact that Kevin lives 10 hours away didn’t seem like that big of a deal. Lots of snow and ice in between our two houses. I saw two tractor trailer trucks jackknifed by the side of the road. It was worth it though. Hanging out with Kevin always warms my heart.

I dug through Kevin’s library and found these gems. I haven’t seen many of the comics pictured below in over ten years. They just disappeared off the face of the Earth into collections like Kevin’s. These are the types of original editions that I never see anywhere for sale ever. Except on eBay, I guess. Please enjoy.

Please note: If you have a substantial mini comic collection and live within 10 hours of Frank he may show up on your doorstep.


Lilli Carré has been announced as the winner of this year's Columbus Museum of Art and Thurber House residency program. It's nice to see comics have some infrastructure for programs like this.

Looks like Jack Kirby's Captain Victory is getting another launch, this time with a good roster of artists. Happy to see some of these guys working on Kirby ideas. Could be interesting. Or at the very least, very pretty. This kind of reminds me of when guys like Matt Wagner and Guy Davis went to work for DC and Dark Horse. In a good way.

A whole bunch of people on their "desert island" graphic novels.

And Paul Gravett is curating a very cool sounding exhibition at The British Library later this year.