Professor Crocodile

Mike Dawson returns with a new episode of TCJ Talkies, in which he and Zack Soto discuss Mark Waid and Alex Ross's Kingdom Come.

Meanwhile, elsewhere:

—News. Mad writer Tom Koch has passed away. Paul Levitz remembers Lobo co-creator Roger Slifer. BK Munn has an obituary for Canadian Dell artist Mel Crawford.

Malaysian satirist Zunar will reportedly face sedition charges tomorrow.

—Audio/Video. There's a lot of new comics-related podcasts out there. Drew Friedman just appeared on WTF. Ed Luce is on Inkstuds. (Robin McConnell of Inkstuds just launched a Patreon site, by the way.) Josh Bayer is a guest on Comics for Grownups.

Comics Studies Society has just posted a video of a lecture Bart Beaty gave earlier this year, "Qui Est Charlie Hebdo?"

—Reviews & Commentary. Jonathan Guyer at Nieman Reports takes a long look at the world of political cartooning and how it has dealt with various recent events.

Scott Cederlund reviews the newest Love & Rockets.

Bart Croonenborghs reviews the Christin & Balez Robert Moses book.

—Interviews & Profiles. ComicsDC has posted a new excerpt from The Art of Richard Thompson, featuring a conversation between Thompson and Bill Watterson.

JT Dockery talks to Gary Panter about Philip K Dick.

Tom Spurgeon talks to Jen Vaughn, who's leaving Fantagraphics to go freelance.

Brigid Alverson talks to Spike Trotman about making money out of comics (which she knows how to do).

Canadian Art interviews Wendy creator Walter Scott.

CBR talks to Don Rosa about Carl Barks and Donald Duck.

The Philly Voice profiles several local female cartoonists.

—Misc. Secret Acres has their first con report of the year, from RIPE.

This Vox list of 50 comic books that explain comic books is only good if you're trying to explain comics to an monolingual American who is a little freaked out by comics that don't feature superheroes (and if you don't read the captions).

CBR finished posting the results of their poll on the 50 best female comic book writers and artists. It too is very superhero-centric, as you'd expect considering the CBR readership. Also, I understand why they split it into writer and artist categories, but I think that led to some skewed results. If Carol Tyler can't crack the top 50, the list is bunk.

Paste has their own list of women who changed the comics industry.

I don't understand this Nudes Reading Minicomics Tumblr. [UPDATED TO ADD: Jinx.]