Praying for a Nightmare

Welcome to Monday at TCJ, where we're pleased to share the first installment of the Fiffe Files. Longtime internet denizens will remember previous installments of articles like these at The Beat, Factual Opinion, and Fiffe's own Patreon: Well, now they're here! This month is Michel's dive into Walt Simonson's Fantastic Four. Read it on the biggest screen possible.

That's not all! Today's review is David Small's new graphic novel, Home After Dark. Helen Chazan took on the 416-page opus and, the first line of his review is "One sequence in Home After Dark is truly compelling."

Only one? Yikes!

Over at Diversions of the Groovy Kind, they've thrown together one of those super-specific focused posts that always draw my attention: Behold, the opening page of every comic purchased by our author in August 1979.

TCJ Contributor Sarah Horrocks has a preview of her next comic up... at Bleeding Cool, I guess because British people work there and she's going to debut it at a UK comic show? 

Over at Broken Frontier, Robin Enrico takes a look at one of the many comics Noah Van Sciver is putting out this year: One Dirty Tree, his upcoming memoir from Uncivilized Books.