Off Topic

Today is the day for Comics of the Weak, and this time, Tucker Stone & Abhay Khosla team up to co-write the column, which is interrupted by convention news, and introduced with a true-life tale:

Perspective--the kind of perspective that will prevent someone from overreacting to a stranger's opposing reaction to an incredibly successful piece of corporate produced entertainment that is in no danger of disappearing in your lifetime, the kind of perspective that will keep you sane. I, personally, cannot honestly admit to possessing this perspective, as evidenced by my near-death experience not but two nights past, wherein I looked directly at a red light and confusedly said to myself "red light means keep going" and was only saved from the wheels of an oncoming vehicle because of a combination of their extraordinary instincts and an excellently tuned set of brakes and not in the least by my own dumbfounded, wide-eyed "what have I done" momentary incapacitation.

We also have video from one of the panels that took place at San Diego last weekend: Gary Groth's interview with Gilbert, Jaime, and Mario Hernandez for the 30th anniversary of Love and Rockets. So that's 90 minutes of my day planned out...

Also on the site, but somehow lost in the blog shuffle and never linked to this week:

—Rob Clough's review of Jon Chad's formally innovative Leo Geo and His Miraculous Journey Through the Center of the Earth.

—Sean T. Collins's review of Batman: Earth One.

Elsewhere, the post Comic-Con hangover seems to have slowed down the normal news cycle, but you can't go wrong reading the aforementioned Jaime Hernandez's memories of San Diego past ("I remember when every panel ended up 'How can we get comics into book stores?'").

—Seth has a new comic strip out, related to that barbershop we told you about last week.

—Jessica Abel reports from the recent Chicago Comics: Philosophy & Practice symposium, in comics form.

—And the only-sorta-comics must-read of the week comes in the form of Tom Spurgeon's notes on his recent 200+ pound weight loss. It's a great read, and even better is the news (if I'm understanding correctly) that he is developing the classic Comics Journal essay these notes are a thematic sequel to ("Comics Made Me Fat") into a book.