Mores the Worse

Jack Mendelsohn, the cartoonist of the great and short-lived comic strip Jacky's Diary, has passed away. Mendelsohn had a varied and well-traveled career. I've amended my Art Out of Time biography of him. It's here. 

Growing up in Brooklyn, Mendelsohn’s ambition was always to be a cartoonist. His father, Irving, was Winsor McCay’s film agent, and the young Mendelsohn visited McCay numerous times. Mendelsohn also visited his favorite local cartoonist, Stan Mac Govern, and received an original Silly Milly comic strip for his trouble. A high school dropout and Navy enlistee, Mendelsohn began his comics career after World War II as a freelance gag cartoonist for magazines including the Saturday Evening Post, and a script writer for dozens of funny animal, humor, and fantasy comic books, including Felix the Cat. Later, he wrote for MAD Magazine and its sister humor comic Panic. A restless, energetic young man, Mendelsohn moved to Mexico in 1951 and stayed for the better part of the decade, hatching Jacky’s Diary there as well.

Jack is remembered by Mark Evanier here and there are Facebook remembrances here.

That's it, folks. See you next week.