Live Scribing with Elizabeth Beier: Magdalene Visaggio In Conversation

From May 16-19 2019, New York City's School of Visual Arts hosted the Queers & Comics Conference, a biennial LGBTQ cartoonist conference. The event was organized by Jennifer Camper and Justin Hall and provided a space for artists, writers and fans to discuss everything from publishing to story structure to social justice to different kinds of pens. Bay Area artist Elizabeth Beier attended the event and created visual notes of some of the panels. 

In today's installment, groundbreaking writer Magdalene Visaggio (of Kim & Kim, Eternity Girl, Dazzler: X-Song, Transformers vs Visionaries) discusses comics and existentialism with Justin Hall. She says "characters are nothing but a bundle of choices", and the choice we sometimes have to make between changing and dying.