Laying Around

Today on the site, Frank Santoro reflects on his house and its spaces:

I moved some boxes around the other day but it just felt like I was playing Tetris for an hour and I gave up. It’s frustrating to remember what this house looked like before I took over. My grandparents must have had more possessions than me. Yet it doesn’t feel as spacious in here. I’ve tried confining all the boxes to one room, thinking it will seem more open in the rest of the house. It works until I start dragging boxes back out of the room to look for something. Then eventually putting the box back is like another round of Tetris.

And Tessa Brunton visits us with Day 4 of her diary.


Substitute comic book artists and collectors with musicians and record collectors and what you have here is comics-appropriate. Also, there is a Crumb connection! Even if not, it speaks so much to how our history has been found and written, and how much more there is to go.

This Pat Boyette strip is really killer.

The first issue of the classic British comics mag The Beano is up for auction.

This Blobby Boys video is very entertaining.