Today Frank Santoro takes a look at comics press history by way of three magazines from the mid-1990s: Indy, Feature, and Destroy All Comics.


—News. Pioneering comics scholar Sol Davidson has passed away. Jeff Smith has joined the CBLDF's Board of Directors. In a move that tempts bloggers to make statements on what it means for the direct market's future, Dark Horse has dropped its distributor Diamond for Random House. In a move that tempts bloggers to resurrect old posts, after 63 years, the military newspaper Stars & Stripes has dropped Beetle Bailey, apparently for budgetary reasons.

—Reviews & Commentary. James Romberger reviews Dash Shaw's New School. Derek Royal and Tof Eklund discuss Dash Shaw's comics career to date. Kevin Huizenga reviews Seth's new Palookaville. Sarah Horrocks discusses the coloring of Brendan McCarthy. Rob Clough reviews the Chris Duffy-edited Fairy Tale Comics. And in The Caravan, Rakesh Khanna discusses Vishwajyoti Ghosh's This Side, That Side: Restorying Partition, as well as graphic novels in India more generally.

—Misc. Mark Waid gives advice to comic-book freelancers. Jim Rugg remixes Dan Clowes. And Time talks to Ed Piskor: