Guys with Courage

Today on the site we're joined by Mike Dawson, this week's contributor to our Cartoonist's Diary feature, and the author of Troop 142, Freddie & Me, among other books. Mike was also the man behind TCJ Talkies, and the co-host of the late, great, Ink Panthers.

Ken Parille is also here to discuss innovation at DC Comics. in 1972.


TCJ-contributor Nicole Rudick on Matt Kish's illustrated Heart of Darkness.

Tom Spurgeon interviews Mimi Pond.

The NY Times has a fascinating story about the archives of the Famous Artists School.

The Times also covered comics apps.

Bob Andleman talks to Mort Walker.

Gil Roth talks to co-authors Nathan Fox and Sheila Keenan about their graphic novel Dogs of War.

Leon Sadler reminds us of an old way of life.

This Dr. Seuss film adaptation just popped up online:

And this Heinz (Yellow Submarine) Edelmann short remains completely amazing.