Grand Designs

Welcome back. While you were having weenie roasts and throwing firecrackers at neighborhood children, Joe McCulloch was sweating over his computer to bring us a Richard Corben interview and preview of the artist's upcoming projects. Here's Corben on his recent process:

I had been drawing some Hellboy projects and it dawned on me that if I ever wanted to do some projects I wanted, it was time to do it or forget them completely. I decided to promote projects of my own design or choice. I wanted them to have a good start which meant a good writer. Margopoulos’ ideas about Poe horror and mine no longer seemed to mesh well. Jan Strnad would be an excellent choice. I told him I wanted a Poe-esque story that could be a one shot. He agreed and Ragemoor was the result. It came out well, but now it’s over and I wanted more. And to have more control, I would have to do more. Doing a short adaptation of a Poe story wasn’t too difficult and it was a sample of my goals. This and a project outline was sent to Dark Horse and they accepted.

Elsewhere, as you might imagine, it's been slow, but here goes:

-Here's Tim Marchman attempting to talk to Len Wein about Before Watchmen. Marchman found the Ozymandias comic book more interesting than I did. I mean, they're all incredibly dumb, but that one, with it's bullying tropes, faux-risque sex, and barely-there artwork, was allllmost as bad as Silk Spectre, which was the worst (that Darwyn Cooke thing is technically probably the "best" but also the worst because he tries so hard with the cutesy 1950s bullshit that it just seems sad. Loosen those drawers, son! In fact, maybe pity is the new anger in reaction to BW. Like, holy shit, this stuff is so bad it's sad? No, I know, the moral aspect trumps all. Just trying it out.) But then again, they were all "better" than the last DC comics I read -- all of the 52 first issues. But all much worse than any given run of, I dunno, Power Man and Iron Fist. Basically just bad comics. Oh wait, I forgot, I also read (perversely) Batman Earth One, which I guess is some sort of practical joke? Right? Someone dared someone else to make a movie pitch into a book, and include lots of bromancing and Deer Hunter stuff, right? Because I've never seen bromancing like that before. Oh, and yes, I will read superhero comics that arrive in the mail. Dog-like behavior, I know.

-And here's a palette cleanser: A fine C.F. interview on Inkstuds.

So, I swear, that's all I have. It's all I should have. It's that kind of week. And really, all I can say about yesterday is contained in this video of Albert Brooks exploring our national heritage.

I'm not sure how I got from there to here, but nevertheless, here's a video of a Commodore 64 Howard the Duck video game. Huh.