Funny Like That

Hey guess what: It's a holiday week. So we're going to bring you Jog (or rather, we'll ride on his endless coattails) today, and then tomorrow we'll toss an archival interview at you, and then, fair warning, we're gonna take Thursday and Friday off. Let's all take this opportunity to read back issues and catch up on Floyd Gottfredson archive books. Just stick to comics.


Well, this sure seems like a lot of dough to spend on Calvin and Hobbes. Watterson held onto his originals, so there aren't many of these on the market. Combine that with a generation regarding the strip as iconic, and that generation now in a position to act on that regard and... well... it's still a ton of money. More than a McCay or a Herriman, but less than a McFarlane. What a world.


Tangentially comics-related (she was instrumental in Maus being published by Pantheon): Graphic designer Louise Fili has a new monograph out.

Another early 20th century humorist to think about.

-The Peacemaker!

-I am thankful for Gene Ahern, above many, but not all things. Gene Ahern. Would've liked to have asked him some questions, mostly about beards and pot.