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Today on the site we bring you day 3 of Aidan Koch's diary. 

And Cynthia Rose reports on a major retrospective on the work of Claire Bretécher: 

The new retrospective of Claire Bretécher opened five days after the last Paris attacks. It was a moment when locals were longing to hear from two parts of the populace. One tribe, of course, was philosophers and professional thinkers. But the other group was les dessinateurs – the artists behind popular comics, caricatures and press cartoons.

Bretécher’s work helps explain their expectations. She is a virtuoso and a national treasure, an artist whose work explodes with style, wit – and creative complaining. Although both her visuals and storytelling are exceptional, Bretécher’s humour exceeds the sum of their parts. She is not someone who depicts “slices of life” nor does she create gags just to end in a burst of laughter. What interests her are the common threads of our existence and what she has to say is always present tense.


Here's a nice write-up on White Boy over at the New York Review of Books.

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