Everything is Synced

Today on the site: Joe McCulloch's latest news about life in comics.

I raced through CAB on Saturday with just 2.5 hours of free childcare courtesy of my mom.  My faves were Lale Westvind's latest publications, Breakdown Press (New Ines Estrada, Lala Albert, Conor Stechschulte, Connor Willumsen), Noel Freibert and the unstoppable Leon Sadler, briefly ported over from England and having the great American adventure.

And there are some art/comics articles on the internet worth checking out:

James Ensor looks like CAB, or CAB looks like James Ensor.

Via Bill K., A Finnish animation.

Jeet Heer wrote a great Twitter essay on Steve Ditko, Ayn Rand and Spider-Man.

And here's a good evaluation of the problematics and politics around the acceptance of the work of comics-influenced artist Allen Jones.

Now watch this, all of you, and despair...