Burnt Offerings

Quick, quick! Joe McCulloch is giving a guided tour of the most interesting sounding new comics in stores this week. His spotlight pick is the collection of Wally Wood's Witzend, which really is an amazing object I've been spending a lot of time with myself over the last few weeks. A fascinating historical document, with lots of great comics, too.

Meanwhile, elsewhere:

—Interviews. SpyVibe talks to Richard Sala. Tom Spurgeon talks to Mike Dawson.

I try not to link to podcasts I have not yet had the time to listen to, but here are several that I am guessing are worth it, based on past performance: Gil Roth talks to Seth. Dan Berry talks to Jason Shiga and John Martz & Dustin Harbin.

—Reviews & Criticism. Rob Clough writes about Chris Wright's Black Lung. Susan Burton reviews the Tamakis' This One Summer as a children's book in the NY Times. Gabriele Di Fazio writes about Sam Alden. Zaina Akhtar writes about Gipi.

—Misc. SPX has announced another impressive guest list. Michael Cavna of the Washington Post won well-deserved awards from the Society for Features Journalism.