Away from There

As Day 1 of Comic-Con passes (check your Twitter feeds for news, fans!) we celebrate here at TCJ with... comics.

-Jeffrey Trexler continues his work on the end of the comics code with his latest piece, which looks at recent rulings:

Just a few months after the Comics Code met its less than grisly fate, the U.S. Supreme Court cited the anti-comics crusade of the 1950s as an example of misguided censorship. The Court's citation of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund in its decision to strike down a statute banning violent video games was a signal moment in the history of the organization and the wider comics community, as the country's highest legal authority acknowledged that the movement giving rise to the Comics Code was a historic mistake.

And elsewhere:

-Favorite thing I missed (and from which I stole the featured image): Craig Fischer on versions of Moebius' career at The Panelists. Great to read Craig poking at the mythology surrounding the man.

-Matt Seneca builds up a loooong piece on Geoff Johns and manages to throws in a Henry Darger comparison for good measure.

-And speaking of which, here's Eddie Campbell on the literalism prevalent in today's comics. It's so nice to see the man blogging again. Such a welcome presence.