Joe McCulloch has your usual guide to the Week in Comics here for you this morning, along with a short review of a new Dennis Eichhorn collection.

And Rob Clough reviews Leslie Stein's Bright-Eyed at Midnight.

Her new book, Bright-Eyed at Midnight, is a sort of strange, inverted version of her other comics. Her usual work is in black and white, but her new book is structured around her use of watercolors and colored pencils. Her old work was heavily line-dependent, but her new work is built around color formed around the wisps and hints of lines, using negative space to nudge the reader into creating fully-textured drawings. Finally, while she put up a fictive veil in EOTMC, she rips that barrier away in BEAM, using the structure of the daily journal comic's in media res qualities to more directly engage her own personal narrative.

Meanwhile, elsewhere:

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R.W. Watkins talks to J.R. Williams.

—Reviews & Commentary. Rob Clough looks at recent children's comics, including several Toon Books titles.

Not 100% comics: Philip Nel writes a manifesto on reading children's literature.

—News. Mark Evanier remembers Jay Scott Pike.

DC is now giving Bill Finger on-screen credit on some Batman adaptations, including Gotham and Batman v Superman.

Rob Kirby reports from SPX.

A mural of imprisoned Iranian cartoonist Atena Farghadani in Brooklyn has been repeatedly vandalized.

—Misc. Vulture has posted an excerpt of a comics-like art book by Marcel Dzama and Raymond Pettibon.