It's Friday, and you're at The Comics Journal: I hope that's where you intended to be. Either way, why not take a deep dive into our newest installment of Retail Therapy, with Leef Smith of Mission: Comics & Art? Here he is, giving a different answer to a question that usually gets dismissed with the kind of hand waving that causes scars!

Do you keep up with the comics news--and what does the term "comics news" mean to you?

Ha! Great question! I think for me it means what comics people are working on currently and how people's careers evolve, both creators and people behind the scenes in the "biz" side of things. But the news also includes publishing initiatives and promotional efforts, and of course all the comic book related TV and film news. I tend to use Facebook as my filter for most web-based news and rarely go to the front-pages of any of the big websites. I can't really keep up on Twitter or Instagram. For me they're too much like fire-hoses of information. I regularly listen to quite a few podcasts like Comic Geek Speak, iFanboy, Wait, What?, Off Panel, PW Comics World, Word Balloon, Process Party and I just recently added Contest of Challengers to the mix. Just listening to people's voices give me a better sense of people, and where they're at.

That's all we've got for you today--the title of this blog refers to the time of the morning at which I wrote this entry, my last night as a resident of the Northeast. I'll see you next week from a completely different region of the country. Have a great weekend!