SPX Bound

We're packing up the two-door sedan and heading down to SPX. You'll see me at the PictureBox booth with Matthew Thurber. Our official SPX correspondent, Nicholas Gazin, will be wandering the halls for two solid days in search of good stories. That's right, while I loll around behind the table and Tim bobs in and out, Gazin will be assembling the "real" story. I'll also be presenting an Ignatz Award with Brian Ralph, who tells me I'm to play his "straight man."

Anyhooooo, Rob Clough has a handy list of 10 Cartoonists to Seek Out at SPX. Me, if I wasn't grumpily selling books all day I'd be attending some killer sounding panels and talks. I mean, there's solo panels with Roz Chast, Diane Noomin, Jim Woodring, and Johnny Ryan, not to mention a lecture by Kim Thompson on Jacques Tardi. Damn.

That said, if you cannot fulfill all your comic book dreams this weekend in suburban Maryland, be sure to read Kim Deitch's latest installment of his memoir, in which he discusses research, booze, SF, and Portland.

And, as we're prone to say, elsewhere online:

-I missed this: Abhay Khosla and Mark Sable discuss Mat Brinkman's Multiforce. It's a surprising read.

-You can never have enough Jack Cole.

-And the NY Times on the late, great George Kuchar.


3 Responses to SPX Bound

  1. Jim Woodring is also talking at Politics and Prose bookstore tonight at 7pm, so if you get here in time you could catch that instead. :)

  2. Doug Skinner says:

    Hi, Dan. I’ve posted some personal reminiscences of George Kuchar at, as well as a couple of his letters, written in his distinctive loopy scrawl. I knew him for many years, and will miss him terribly.

  3. Paul Tumey says:

    Thanks for plugging my Jack Cole blog! I’ve just posted a newly discovered episode of Cole’s unknown comic strip, Millie and Terry that I think TCJ readers will enjoy. – Paul Tumey

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