Frank’s Comics Corner


Northern New Mexico scene report by Frankie "the wop" Santoro

The first off the grid comics shoppe has opened!
Highway 64 just past the Rio Grande gorge bridge.
It's the one with the windmill.
Come by and browse our wide array of rare comics.
Best selection in New Mexico! Guaranteed!





Frank's Comics Corner

Hey everyone - welcome to a new season. I'm back in New Mexico living off the grid. All solar. All wind. The queen bee, Ashton, has arrived and we are putting our house in order. Still cleaning after a week. Living in the high desert is like living on the moon. Move slowly through dust and pick up rocks.

I feel great. I'm super excited to be getting my desk set up. It's always fun to start fresh and begin a new chapter. How long will we be here? Maybe til X-mas? It gets cold here, really cold, and we've talked about going on tour somewhere warm to escape the winter. Who knows, who cares. It's nice to not have every step planned out. Play the changes. Play the hermit for now.

I'm getting back to work on my comic that I started here last winter. Finally shut off from the distractions of city life. Trying to change the way I work. And play. All spring and summer it was short bursts of drawing compressed like a tennis match. Now I want to slow down. Play a new game.

Also, I'll be firing up the Workbook Series I started in this column last spring. Please stay tuned. I'm going to do a mail order only zine that will go along with my Workbook posts. The internet is starting to bug me. You too? I know! It's like a superhuman creature. No one needs to know anything anymore cuz you can just look it up. So, I thought it would be fun to do a mail order only zine because I'm nostalgic for the old days when you used to have to make an effort to find weird shit. More on that next week.

Over and out.


This one is for Dylan. To make him laff. Up there somewhere.