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A Strange and Beautiful Sound

If a cartoonist strives to tell a mediocre story and is very successful in doing so, is the result of their labor a mediocre comic? Continue reading



Santiago García and David Rubin’s graphic novel is not the first comic adaptation of the Old English poem Beowulf, nor will it likely be the last. This latest iteration is, however, the most adventurous. Previous adaptations—i.e. those by Gareth Hinds, … Continue reading



Nilsen’s inventive register in Tongues though shows an artist surpassing any anxiety of influence. We have here the promise of something original, strange, and engaging. I can’t wait to see what happens next. Continue reading


My Hero Academia: Vigilantes #1

My Hero Academia is beloved in Japan, but the series is also popular in the United States.  The original series already has 14 volumes in print from Viz Media. It comes to readers here as part of a new generation … Continue reading



Flocks is a work of love—a work about love, a work made with love, a work made to express and communicate a love. For all its idiosyncrasies and imperfections, it is a work to be held close to your heart, a work to be cherished. Continue reading



Kickliy’s drawing is the other real mark of difference here. Continue reading


The Strange

Opening up The Strange, I wished there was more context given to the reader, but perhaps that is part of the point: you are thrust into a world that may be confusing and difficult to navigate, just as the protagonist … Continue reading


The King Of Birds

In retrospect, one may remember that fairytales are most often told to children. But while kids will certainly enjoy The King Of Birds, Alexander Utkin imbues this book with an energy that is enchanting to all. Continue reading