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In part perhaps because Smyth is seeing from the body, and in part because she mostly avoids narrative, the comics in Somnambulance are, often, paradoxically, comforting. Continue reading


Black Eye No. 3

The third and final volume of Ryan Standfest’s black humor anthology Black Eye is subtitled, “A Shameful Enlightenment”. It’s the best of the three volumes. Standfest has a firmer grip on how to combine new and old material and pare … Continue reading


Godhead, Volume 1

What if your beliefs were challenged by the very thing you believed in? Ho Che Anderson’s Godhead sets the centuries-old conflict between science and religion at the center of its futuristic tale. Once upon a time, it was ‘God’s will’ … Continue reading


Land of the Sons

The result is a book that feels ultimately arbitrary, unconvinced of its own arguments or point because they are so confused. Continue reading


Weegee: Serial Photographer

Rather than a wistful character that you root for or are, at any rate, interested in, Weegee ends his own story a sad, lonely character who cannot imagine an experience outside of his own. Continue reading


The True Death Of Billy The Kid

Rick Geary has been doing pretty much the same thing for over thirty years. This is not a criticism. Though his long career as cartoonist and illustrator is dotted with a variety of interesting tributaries – strips for the National … Continue reading


The Ideal Copy

All in all, fans looking for more of the trademarked Plus-Man-and-Hank antics we saw in the first two books in the series might find The Ideal Copy slightly lacking, but it’s a nice effort on Sears’ part to flesh out his human characters further and begin the hint at a events further down the line in the series. Continue reading


Monkey Chef, Volumes 1 2

The hook for Mike Freiheit’s minicomics series Monkey Chef is a strong one: it’s an account of time spent in South Africa, preparing food for monkeys at a sanctuary, as well as cooking food for the humans who worked there. … Continue reading