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Shannon Wheeler rolls up with Day 3 of his diary while Mike Dawson talks to Sarah Glidden over at TCJ Talkies.

Meanwhile, Josh Neufeld has a good and topical new comic up at Cartoon Movement about "two young Bahraini editorial cartoonists who found themselves on opposite sides of Bahrain's short-lived Pearl Revolution".

Writer Brian Wood posted some thoughts on the current market vis a vis digital distribution as experienced by a working professional in a few different areas of the market. He begins with:

Everyone I know loves comic shops.  Everyone I know who makes comics, especially creator-owned comics, is hurting, financially. EVERYONE is bleeding, its a bad time. So to what extent does digital as a publishing format represent an additional revenue stream, one on top of print sales through shops, one that can ease some of the suffering?

Over in what seems like a world of abundance, Noel Murray at A/V Club has a lengthy review round-up of titles including Someday Funnies, The Definitive Flash Gordon And Jungle Jim, Vol. 1 and Lost in the Andes.

And here are a couple BCGF reports from Drawn & Quarterly and Publishers Weekly.

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  1. Andrew White says:

    Ugh, I’m probably going to regret typing about this, but I think that Neufeld comic is pretty mediocre. It shies away from addressing a number of really important complexities and contradictions about the situation in Bahrain — for instance, the commission of inquiry mentioned on page 16 has been accused of being unduly influenced by the government, and Bassiouni gave a couple very worrying interviews in the early months of the commission which seemed to indicate there might be some truth in that suspicion. Neufeld doesn’t touch on this at all, and there are a number of similar simplifications throughout the strip. I could be wrong, but I really don’t think this would get published as a text piece by any decent editor with a knowledge of the Middle East. It shouldn’t get a pass just because it’s a comic.

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