Sarah Glidden

Sarah Glidden joins me in the Talkie Hutt for a chat. Sarah is perhaps best known for her 2010 debut memoir, How to Understand Israel in 60 Days or Less, which was published by Vertigo. Since writing that book, Sarah has become more interested in comics journalism, and roughly a year ago successfully Kickstarted the funds to travel to Syria and northern Iraq tailing a group of journalists to write about the work they were doing.

Despite it currently being her most well known work, we don't discuss How to Understand... too much in this interview. I really liked the book, and would have been happy to talk about it, but my sense is that it's become one of those things where the author is starting to feel like The Israel Cartoonist (much in the same way I was once personally terrified about being known at The Queen Guy). I saw a particularly amusing interaction on a social network a while back where Sarah was soliciting ideas for superheroes she could paint pictures and sell prints of at conventions, and a ton of people suggested Sabra, as well as The Thing, and Shadowcat, and so on and so on. Y'know, because they're Jewish.

Anyway, Sarah probably would have been happy to talk more about How to Understand..., but we just ended up getting onto other topics, which I found quite enlightening. Sarah's process is incredibly different from what I do, and what I think a lot of other cartoonists do, so it was very interesting to hear her talk about how she's making comics at the moment.

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