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Joe Ollmann: Day Three

Joe Ollmann is a cartoonist living in Montreal. He won the Doug Wright Award for best book in 2007 and still coasts on that, calling himself an “award-winning” cartoonist. His new book, Science Fiction from Conundrum Press, debuts at TCAF this weekend.


7 Responses to Joe Ollmann: Day Three

  1. Wow!

    Good job Ollmann.

  2. Nate says:

    I can relate a bit – my dad died in December, and he was only 72 (and mostly confined to a chair). The difference there was that he wouldn’t let me help. Very sad … we just had the memorial service for him on April 28th. Thanks for sharing this … I laughed despite the sad subject matter.

  3. Jeff says:

    Thanks for this.

  4. Bruce Simon says:

    Totally right on, I’m in Joe’s spot right now.

  5. Rob Lamb says:

    Been there and Joe captures it perfectly – the trapped between 2 snoring parents is an amazing image and also hilarious. Make that book!

  6. Billy Mavreas says:

    ol’ joe
    i know first hand your devotion and hard work. you’re an inspiration !

  7. virtuousvidette says:

    I enjoy your comics, thank you for putting your time and heart into your work and sharing it with the world.

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