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Episode 9: Anya Davidson


On the ninth installment of Comic Book Decalogue, Anya Davidson--the creator of School Spirits and Band for Life (as well as a Kramers Ergot 9 contributor)--talks Lauren Weinstein, Slug and Lettuce, The Sculptor, and more.


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4 Responses to Episode 9: Anya Davidson

  1. Rob Kirby says:

    Another great interview! Since Anya Davidson brought up the work of Fly, I used to see her work in The NY Press in the very late ’90’s: mostly illustrations though. The last print comic I saw of her’s was in Juicy Mother #2 (Manic D Press, 2007). Here’s her website:

  2. Anya Davidson says:

    Wow thanks so much for the link, Rob!

  3. Frank Santoro says:

    great interview – Anya has such a great slant on the world, me thinks. Very inspiring.

  4. Loved this interview! I can’t wait for Band For Life to come out. I also really identified, as a left-hander, with Davidson’s dislike of scratchy dip pens. For brush pens, I love the Zig Mangaka Flexible brush pens by Kuretake.

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