Episode 6: Dylan Horrocks (HOLIDAY SPECIAL)

DylanHorrocks-selfportraitIn this double-sized holiday edition of Comic Book Decalogue, Dylan Horrocks discusses the magic of Tove Jansson, the problems of late-period Eisner, and the troubled legacy of Dave Sim. All that, and a special guest drops by!

The Year in Review

Episode 1: Josh Simmons

Episode 2: Caitlin Skaalrud

Episode 3: Yumi Sakugawa

Episode 4: Ed Luce, 2DCloud

Episode 5: Sammy Harkham

Special thanks to the Trylon Microcinema for providing the space in which this interview was recorded.
Jingle credits: Fanfares created by Freesound.org user primordiality, uploaded September 2009. Sounds included under Creative Commons licenses allowing for reuse.