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Tom Tenney

Michel Fiffe returns with another look at a bin denizen of the not-so-recent past: Tom Tenney, whose work on the Marvel series Force Works brought a whole bunch of words that, according to Michel, were completely unnecessary. Continue reading


An Interview with Trevor Von Eeden (Reprise)

Michel Fiffe’s groundbreaking 2009 interview with legendary artist Trevor Von Eeden, first published in The Comics Journal #298, makes its online debut. Continue reading


OVERWORD 5 · Mark Gruenwald

Michel Fiffe’s OVERWORD series draws to a close with a long look at Mark Gruenwald’s impact–professional and personal. Continue reading


OVERWORD 4 · Squadron Supreme & Quasar

OVERWORD RECAP 1 · TEEN TITANS – My need for colorful, clean-cut super heroics and my obsessive habit to hunt back issues in bulk met at the intersection of Wolfman & Pérez. My enthusiasm was destroyed by troubling story elements but … Continue reading


OVERWORD 3 · Justice League of America

Michel Fiffe walks us down the garden path, and that garden path leads directly to an unabashed affection for Mike Sekowsky. Continue reading


OVERWORD 2 · All-Star Squadron

Not everything had to be explained, and yet, paradoxically, here was Roy Thomas explaining everything, not leaving one single detail behind. This level of transparency clicked with me, and I think I know why. Continue reading


OVERWORD 1 · Teen Titans

For a moment in time, the comic that mattered the most was the one with Nightwing in it. In this month’s installment of Michel Fiffe’s Files, he takes a long look back at The Teen Titans. Continue reading


George Freeman

According to Fiffe, George Freeman’s got it all–but don’t let a blurb convince you. Fiffe’s got the man’s actual work here to make the case! Continue reading

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