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Horror Press Publisher and Managing Editor Resign After Allegations of Bad Practices

This past weekend has seen a steady stream of allegations against Canadian graphic novel and horror publisher Chizine, resulting in the publisher and managing editor’s resignation. Alec Berry has the story. Continue reading


Eight of the Eleven Defendants Dismissed from Pickrodt Lawsuit

New developments in the Cody Pickrodt case see eight of the eleven defendants dismissed, Alec Berry has the details Continue reading


Judge Reviewing Motion to Dismiss in Pickrodt Lawsuit

A motion to dismiss eight of the 11 defendants from small press publisher Cody Pickrodt’s defamation lawsuit is currently under review. Continue reading


New Developments In Pickrodt Lawsuit May Point to a “Time-Consuming” Future

Recent developments in Cody Pickrodt’s defamation lawsuit, including counterclaims and amended complaints. Continue reading


“How Do We Cope with Something Like That?”: SPX and the CBLDF Confront Defamation Lawsuit Aimed at The 11

The Small Press Expo and the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund speak about the $20,000 fund recently set up to assist the 11 defendants facing a $2.5 million dollar defamation lawsuit. Continue reading


Rape, Sexual Harassment Allegations Prompt Defamation Suit from Small-Press Comics Publisher Cody Pickrodt

After facing accusations of rape and sexual harassment, Cody Pickrodt of Ray Ray Books has filed suit against comics community figures including Whit Taylor, Laura Knetzger, Tom Kaczynski, and Ben Passmore. Continue reading


“Expectations Are Right Next Door to Demands”: A David Brothers Profile

From blogger to critic, from California to Portland, from Image to Viz–David Brothers is a name you already know, or soon will. In this exclusive profile, Alec Berry unpacks a career whose trajectory is all its own. Continue reading