What About Me?

Today Sean T. Collins reviews Jordan Speer's Operation Vaporizer

“Operation Vaporizer” is a short sharp shock of a war/sci-fi/horror comic, narrated by a veteran reminiscing about his time with a top-secret unit that tested an experimental telepathic weapon in the jungles of Vietnam. The Full Metal Jacket-style slang (“I was in The Shit”) and the dingy green and red-orange palette root the thing to the period, providing a solid platform for diving out into the Weird.


Peggy Burns brings attention to a worthy Kickstarter campaign: Portland's Reading Frenzy, which is an excellent store and all around resource for small press publishing.

I'm still waiting for the hobo revival. So's Sam Henderson. I always have time for T.S. Sullivant. And some fine Moebius here.

More MoCCA coverage with a report from the "Art as Profession" panel. Everyone knows it's no kinda profession, but read on.

TCJ-contributor Michel Fiffe's three issue compendium of his series, Copra, reviewed.

And finally, Cerebus, widescreen.