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On the site today:

I'm pleased to welcome writer Rudy Rucker to the site. His most recent novel is Turing & Burroughs. (Described as: "What if Alan Turing, founder of the modern computer age, escaped assassination by the secret service to become the lover of Beat author William Burroughs? What if they mutated into giant shapeshifting slugs, fled the FBI, raised Burroughs's wife from the dead, and tweaked the H-bombs of Los Alamos?"). So who better to review the two new Burroughs-centered releases, Observed While Falling: Bill Burroughs, Ah Pook, and Me and The Lost Art of Ah Pook: Images from the Graphic Novel. And so:

The results are staggering—the best pictures of dicks that I’ve ever seen.  I think in particular of an image in The Lost Art of Ah Pook Is Here, showing a Mayan musician with an epic hard-on that reaches up to the strings of his electric guitar. A little insect-man with a curled proboscis and a dangling ball-sack stands on the neck of the guitar.  Wonderfully jagged fields of force trail from the guitar to the musician’s hand.  This design was made for a 1978 Burroughs-inspired “Cumhu T-shirt.” Cumhu is a Mayan character in Ah Pook.  If and where this T-shirt was ever marketed isn’t explained.  In any case, McNeill and Fantagraphics should consider reissuing reissue this transgressive T.


Some videos now (thanks GB): Here's comics-relevant artist Jim Shaw on the occasion of his retrospective at BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art.

And here's Justin Green in Portugal.

Holiday shopping alert: Noel Freibert posters. I love the wonky geometry of these designs.

Hey it's Brother Voodoo.

And Robin McConnell talks to Ruppert and Mulot.