Michael Comeau: Day Five

In today’s final installment in Michael Comeau’s Diary, we are given a lens into the degradation–moral, physical and environmental–that Coca Cola brings to the world.

Michael Comeau: Day Four

In today’s Cartoonist’s Diary, Michael Comeau is talking skateboarding, and how it applies to absolutely everything that is or is not skateboarding.

Michael Comeau: Day Three

In today’s installment of Michael Comeau’s Cartoonist Diary, it’s time to talk relationships. Some might say “TMI”. To those people, we say: GTFO!

Michael Comeau: Day One

A new diary begins, and in day one we’re introduced to Michael Comeau’s impersonation of Encyclopedia Brown, which goes well with his coworker Julie, who makes a Rowdy Roddy Piper reference.