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SHAUN CLANCY: When you were drawing Bobby Benson, were you aware it was a radio show at the same time?

DICK AYERS: Oh, I grew up with Bobby Benson! And I was very upset when they had me draw Windy Wales.

CLANCY: Why would you be upset by that?

AYERS: Skinny!

CLANCY: Oh, they made you draw him skinny.

windyAYERS: I always pictured him as a roly-poly! They had me change the style because in the beginning — just before me — I think he had blondish hair. So they had me put on dark hair, which I liked better, too.

CLANCY: Right. And you were at it from issue #1 on! It ran a couple years. But you’re saying none of that was related to the radio program?


CLANCY: They just licensed the name.

Any other radio programming you remember from when you were growing up? I’m just curious.

AYERS: The Shadow knows! [Casey laughs.] I loved to imitate that voice when I was growing up.

CLANCY: Yeah, it was Orson Welles in the beginning.

AYERS: You knew the voice was special when you heard it. You didn’t know who Orson Welles was. That was pretty spiffy.