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The Comics Journal No. 76, October 1982

Featuring John Byrne in Dallas; an interview with Bernie Wrightson; John Adkins Richardson on High and Low art; Bhob Stewart on Philip K. Dick.

Gary Groth, “Con Games” (p. 4)

Blood and Thunder (p. 32)

Newswatch (p. 15)

John Byrne, “John Byrne in Dallas” (p. 75)
Gary Groth, “Zombies, Homunculi, and (Swamp) Things That Go Bump in the Night: An Interview With Bernie Wrightson” (p. 80)

Ted White, “Just Another Comic Book” (p. 42)
Heidi MacDonald, “DC’s Titanic Success” (p. 46)
R.C. Harvey, “More on Pogo (And Not a Minute Too Soon)” (p. 52)
Richard Marschall, “Impostor in a Red Dress” (p. 57)

John Adkins Richardson, “High Art (and Low)” (p. 61)
Richard Marschall, “Lucca: The Greatest Comics Convention in the World” (p. 71)
Bhob Stewart, “Do Androids Dream of Philip K. Dick?” (p. 121)

Martin Pasko, “Opening Shots: Where No Film Has Gone Before” (p. 10)
Dwight R. Decker, “Doc’s Bookshelf: Rabbits With Clothes” (p. 135)
Harlan Ellison, “An Edge in My Voice: Face-To-Face with the Beast in a Place with No Windows” (p. 139)
Peter Sanderson, “The Enchanted Drawing: Midsummer Nights’ Fantasies” (p. 148)
Marilyn Bethke, “The Fan Press: The New Media Publishing Empire” (p. 154)
Dale Luciano, “Cinema Journal: Four Pretty Misses, One Hit” (p. 162)