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The Comics Journal No. 77, November 1982

Featuring an interview with Max Allan Collins; a panel on censorship in comics; a column by Marilyn Bethke.

Special Blood and Thunder Edition: Forum on Frank Miller (p. 26)

Newswatch (p. 7)

Mike Gold, “Max Allan Collins” (p. 68)
Bill Gaines, Dick Giordano, Frank Miller, Jan Strnad, Tom DeFalco, and Jack Jackson, “Censorship in Comics Panel” (p. 91)
Carol Kalish, Tom DeFalco, John Byrne, and Frank Miller, “Marvel Comics Panel” (p. 102)

Ted White, “Reefer Madness, Marvel Style” (p. 46)
Gene Phillips, “Master of Confusion” (p. 51)
Dale Luciano, “Comics Past, Comics Present” (p. 54)
Jim Wilson, “Potential Wasted, Potential Achieved” (p. 64)

Marilyn Bethke, “Journal Inquisition: Blurred Image” (p. 106)
Bill Sherman, “Erosions and Exceptions: Sex and the 60-Second Warning” (p. 109)