TCJ Archive

The Comics Journal No. 38, Feb. 1978

Featuring an interview with Gil Kane; Bill Sherman on Jack Katz; Dwight Decker on Asterix.

Blood and Thunder (p. 13)

Newswatch (p. 7)

Gary Groth, Gil Kane Interview (p. 34)

Gene Phillips, “Steel and Fire from Conway” (p. 14)
Marilyn Jo Bethke, “Women’s Lib and DC” (p. 15)

Bill Sherman, “The Kingdom and the Power of Jack Katz” (p. 51)
Gary Groth, “Fantasia with a Vengeance” (p. 58)
Steve Clement, “The Hobbit: A Rich and Colorful TV Adaptation” (p. 59)
Jim Wilson, “The Outer Limits of the Imagination” (p. 60)

Dennis O’Neil, “The Schlumps in the Spacecraft: A Grouse at ‘Close Encounters’” (p. 18)
Dwight Decker, “Asterix: “These Frenchmen are Crazy!”” (p. 22)
Mel Gilden, “Growing Up Weird” (p. 49)
Kim Thompson, “Greenskin, Webhead, and the Boob Tube” (p. 56)

Paul Dushkind, Fandom Review: “Hogarth & Crimmer’s: An Exercise in Academic Futility” (p. 47)

Steve Gerber and Gene Colan, “Howard the Duck” (p. 63)