TCJ Archive

The Comics Journal No. 37, December 1977

Featuring interviews with Martin Pasko and Jenette Kahn; Reviews of WeirdWorld and The Avengers; a report on the Chicago Comicon.

Viewpoints (p. 10)

Jay Zilber, Martin Pasko Interview (p. 37)
Stan Timmons, Jenette Kahn Interview (p. 54)

Newswatch (p. 5)
Gary Groth and Mike Carron, “Superman Movie News & Photos” (p. 7)

Kim Thompson, “WeirdWorld” (p. 15)
Christopher Melchert, “The Avengers” (p. 15)
Stan Timmons, “Chicago Comicon Report” (p. 52)

Gary Groth, “On Ethics and Fanzines” (p. 8)
Frank Catalano, “The $8 Million Saturday Matinee” (p. 21)
John Simon, “O Dull New World” (p. 24)
Kim Thompson, “Marvel’s Fouled-Up Filmbook” (p. 26)
Greg Bear, “You Too Need Protein for a Smoother Glissando (Or, Food for Thought)” (p. 48)

Dwight Decker, Doc’s Bookshelf: “Muted Applause from Behind the Iron Curtain; EC Has the Last Laugh 30 Years Later” (p. 56)
Bill Sherman, Underground Comics: “Dutch Comics: As American as Tulips and Windmills” (p. 58)
Doug Fratz, Fandom Review: “Fanzine Reviews” (p. 60)

Steve Gerber and Gene Colan, “Howard the Duck” (p. 68)
Stan Lee and John Romita, “The Amazing Spider-Man” (p. 65)